We help you invest to maximize your retirement savings while controlling the risks you face. We also make taxes as painless as possible through efficient technology, IRS audit protection, and being here for you with proactive planning all year long.

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Erickson Wealth & Tax Management: Serving Seattle’s Financial Needs

Established in 1991, Erickson Wealth & Tax Management has provided individuals and small businesses with a simplified investment experience and easily applicable tax strategies.  As a CPA firm in Seattle, we offer a range of tax and investment services and pride ourselves on combining proactive financial planning and advice that is tailored to your specific needs.

File Individual and Business Taxes with Confidence

Our Seattle tax professionals know that complying with an ever-changing tax code can be difficult. Erickson Wealth & Tax Management provides individual and small business clients with unlimited financial consultations and assistance throughout the year. Through our unique tax coaching program, we help clients maximize their returns, while minimizing risk of IRS audit.

Invest Using Strategy, Not Luck

Your financial future isn’t a gamble. The wealth management professionals at Erickson Wealth & Tax Management recognize the importance of developing strong investment strategies to protect you and your family from the unpredictability of the future. Our investment services allow you to build a diverse retirement portfolio that maximizes accepted risks and increases your return. Prepare for your financial future by using our proactive strategies for life-changing events such as marriage, children, higher education, retirement and more.

Beyond Tax and Financial Services

For questions that require legal expertise, Erickson Wealth & Tax Management maintains an active network with local lawyers. We are committed to ensuring that you are presented with multiple solutions customized to your specific financial needs.

In addition to unlimited financial consultations, Erickson Wealth & Tax Management is a leader in community education. Through the Erickson University initiative, our founder regularly posts seminar videos to help out-of-area clients educate themselves on complex financial topics. Our financial experts also contribute weekly to the Erickson TV Blog. These short clips present the financial implications of current events in an easy-to-understand video blog.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, President of Erickson Wealth & Tax Management, Curtis Erickson, understands the intricacies of ever-evolving tax law and investment strategies. He and his team of highly trained financial advisors are dedicated to helping each of their clients achieve financial stability and security for the future.

Contact our Seattle CPA Office

The tax and financial professionals of Erickson Wealth & Tax Management are pleased to serve clients from Seattle, WA and the surrounding areas. We are conveniently located on 1st Ave, just west of the world famous Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center, Key Arena, and the Seattle Center.

It’s never too late to prepare for your future, call our Seattle CPA firm today!

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