Archived episodes of EricksonTV from before our EricksonTV Blog.

Global Poverty on the Decline

The Checks & Balances of Retirement

Our Youth Demand Financial Education

Bogle Interview Part II: 401K Plans

Bogle Interview Part I: Evolution of the Mutual Fund


The Ebbs & Flows of Mutual Funds

The Taxation of Dividends

The Weirdest State Tax Laws

Small vs Large: Outperforming the Market

100 Years Later...

The Dow Jones Industrial Average's All Time High

With ETFs, There's No Free Lunch

If You Want Choices, Start Now

Junk Bonds: To Junk or Not To Junk

The New e-File System: MeF

Retirement: It's About More Than Money

The Infamous Audit Notice

The Stock Pickers Contest

The Fiscal Cliff Aftermath; Or Lack Thereof

The Official Tax Law Changes

Investment Tips for 2013 - An Analysis_Part II

Investment Tips for 2013 - An Analysis_Part I

An Aging Population

The Tax Deduction Certainties of 2013

Solving The 12 Days of Christmas

Don't Throw Your Portfolio Off The Cliff

Avoiding The Fiscal Cliff

Mark Matson's Has America Lost Respect?

The True Source of Income Growth

Diversify Your Portfolio; Expand Your Grocery List

The Apple of their Eye

The Price of Education_Part III

The Price of Education_Part II

The Price of Education_Part I

Tax Law Predictions

Fear & Hoarding in the Stock Market

The Unnecessary Coupling of Empathy & Investing

Taxable Social Security

The Social Security Disconnect

Default Yourself Into Action

Are Financial Magazines Biased?

Mark Matson's Forget Doom & Gloom Sayers

Success & Imitation

Tax Freedom Day

A Small Value Tilt

Summer Reading Recommendation

Be Rational - Remain Optimistic

Recording Breaking Yields on 10 Year Bonds

Do Small Businesses Create Jobs

The Facebook IPO

The Disciplined Investor

Retirement In Our Economy - Part II

Retirement In Our Economy - Part I

A Happy Retirement

Capital Gains in 2013: Long Term or Short Term?

The Party is Over

NCAA Brackets & Investor Picks

Keep The Faith & Invest For The Long Term

Memories, Stocks, & Bonds: Why We Don't Remember

The Bull Market

Target Retirement Funds

Retirement Portfolios: Choosing Your Best Options


Administrative Home Office Legitimacy

Cell Phone Deductability

Presidential Elections Impact on the Stock Market

Interest Rates, Inflation Rates, & Real Returns

2012 Tax Law Changes & Deduction Limits

Pessimism in the News Media

Expected Real Returns on Investments

Mark Matson's 3 Simple Rules for Investing

Investor Mistakes Repeating Themselves

Procrastination? Just do it!

Chances of Getting Audited

US Economy Rises & Europe Sinks

The Sure Things-Tax Deductions Ending After 2011

Tax Strategies for the New Year

Best & Worst Returns by Asset Class

Tax Returns in the Beginning

Extension Reminder & Retirement Investing

Debunking Financial Myths, Part II

Debunking Financial Myths, Part I

The Full Nest Syndrome

Remembering 9/11 on the 10th Anniversary

Back to Summer School Series: Decisions, Decisions....

Back to Summer School Series: How Corporate Insiders Invest

Back to Summer School Series: The Emotional Side of Market Volatility

Back to Summer School Series: Gold's Production Value

Back to Summer School Series: Embracing Market Uncertainty

Back to Summer School Series: Is Our Debt Ceiling a Carmageddon?

Back to Summer School Series: IRS Mileage Rates

Back to Summer School Series: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Back to Summer School Series: Remaining Optimistic

Back to Summer School Series: Active Management

The 10 Years After Retirement

What's Your Real Investing Timeframe?

Returns on Bonds

Short-Term Investing: IRS Tax Penalty=20%

The Life of Bubbles

100 & Thriving!

100 or Bust!

Americans Pay Less Tax Overall, but More Income Tax

March Madness to Retirement

Filing an Extension for Your Taxes

Long Term Effects of Market Volatility

To Join the Doomsayers or Not to Join....

A Video from Mark Matson

Taxing Investments

The Investment Product Not Always Called By It's Name

The Evolution of Diversified Portfolios

Itemizing vs. Taking the Standard Deduction

US as a World Power

Faith in the Future

New Year's Investing Resolutions

Market Trends

Predictions from Political Analysts

Holiday Gifts: In the Form of Tax Reductions...

The Value of Diversified Portfolios

New Tax Rules Begin 2011

Back to Basics: The Fallacy of Market Timing

Back to Basics: Stock Picking

Back to Basics: 'Unwarranted Pessimism'

Investor Behavior: Staying Disciplined

Can You Pass the Tax Quiz?

Lost Decade?

Rebalancing: How We Do It

How Much Can You Take?

Recession? Depression? Banana?

Client Investment Q&A featuring Sue Fulkerson

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