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    Welcome to another episode of EricksonTV.

    We are right in the middle of tax season so Curtis and Lauren thought we should talk about how to avoid tax scams and scammers.

    Tax season, unfortunately, means that fraudsters are out in full force, looking to take your money.  Here are some of the scams that are going on right now that you should be aware of:

    1.       The “fake” IRS calls your home or your cell phone. When they call, they say there is a warrant out for your arrest and if you don’t pay them now over the phone they will have you arrested. The scammers may even have enough of your information to sound legit and scare you but don’t fall for it. Hang up! The IRS does not initiate contact over the phone, or threaten to send police to your door.

    2.       The “fake” IRS may also try to email you. Basically, they say the same thing in the email as in the phone call. Pay now or else! They might ask for a credit card or bank information. The email address and logos even look official. Delete it and report it! The IRS does not send correspondence to taxpayers via email.

    3.       You might receive a “fake” letter from the IRS. The IRS does send a lot of letters, but so do the scammers. Double check and verify everything. As clever as the fake letter seems, it is filled with Red flags. The overall logo and layout are different and they instruct you to make out a check to the “I.R.S” instead of the U.S. Treasury.

    If you really are not sure about a letter you have received, you can fax or email it to Erickson Wealth & Tax Management and we will check it out for you.

    Be on the lookout for these scams and remember if they call, HANG UP and if the email, DELETE!

    Thank you for watching this episode of EricksonTV. We will see you next time.

    Curtis Erickson

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    Curtis Erickson | 03/24/2017

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