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Seattle's Top CPA, Curtis Erickson, CPA, PFS Curtis Erickson, CPA, PFS, President

Since 1986, Curtis has been working with Seattle area clients, real estate and small businesses on how to improve their financial future. He is simultaneously a CPA Certified Tax Coach and a no commission Registered Investment Advisor. Between 1989 and 2006, Curtis was a partner in Nelson, Watson & Erickson CPAs and Erickson Retirement Advisors. These firms have evolved today to form Erickson Wealth & Tax Management, a team-based firm that features tax, wealth and retirement distribution planning.

Curtis and his wife, Kathy, are life-long residents of Washington and live in NW Seattle. They have one son, Austin. Curtis loves to golf and play basketball and is a classic film buff. A popular speaker in the Seattle area, Curtis has published a book, “The Investor Awareness Guide”, and an audio CD, “The Seven Deadly Traps & Three Power Strategies”. He has also been featured weekly on Mike Siegel’s radio show on KKOL, 1300, business radio.

Erickson Wealth and Tax Management, CPA
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