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Seattle CPA Firm, Lauren Vignec, Financial Advisor Lauren Vignec, Financial Advisor

Lauren joined Erickson Wealth & Tax Management as an Investment Advisor Representative in July 2009. With over fifteen years experience in the world of financial advisories and having earned a Bachelor's in Economics from the University of Washington, Lauren is focused on client relationships, community outreach, and investor education.

Lauren is proud to have been chosen to co-author parts of "The Boglehead's Guide to Retirement Planning", released by Wiley and Sons in 2009. This unconventional group, which comes together mostly on the internet forum, is devoted to the example and message of Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard, the pioneer of low-cost investing. Lauren also has a new website,, which is aimed at a wide, general audience. Visit the site, visit the Bogleheads forum, and spread the word!

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