CPA Investment Services and Strategies for Seattle Individuals

Sound investing brings peace of mind. To help you achieve financial stability and prosperity, the investment advisors at Erickson Wealth & Tax Management help strategically appropriate your assets to produce high-yield portfolios for long-term financial solvency.

The best way to face the future is with effective asset allocation and savings. Our Investment plans offer individuals the opportunity to begin planning for unexpected changes and maintain financial stability while lowering risk. From identifying the correct tax exemptions to determining the right time to buy a house, our Seattle financial advisors are available to help you invest effectively to successfully achieve your goals.

Long Term Investment Strategies 

Erickson Wealth & Tax Management specializes in helping clients build a diverse, lucrative portfolio. By developing projected retirement income and investment strategies, our clients are able to effectively invest in their futures while lowering their risk.

One-size-fits-all is not applicable to long-term investment strategies. After determining a unique financial plan that specifically addresses your liabilities, assets, and goals, our advisors develop a robust, straight-forward investment plan. Each plan is flexible and easily-adaptable to evolving financial circumstances.

We understand Seattle’s housing market and can help answer questions regarding area market changes- such as property investment and renting strategies in regards to tax implications, to help develop a financial plan to purchase or sell your home.

Strike the Right Balance between Risk vs Reward

At Erickson Wealth & Tax Management, our investment advisors assist clients in identifying and managing risks. Our mission is to strike a financial balance between saving and spending, risk and reward, asset and liability to transform your financial situation to one of abundance.

Prepare for the Unexpected

The investment services offered at Erickson Wealth & Tax Management are designed to anticipate the unexpected. From the ups and downs of your life, to the inevitable fluctuations of the market, preparing for the future now can help you remain afloat regardless of changes that may occur.

We can help you navigate complex insurance changes and tax changes to transition from the workforce to retirement. Our investment advisors are available to help you face those events with financial security. Investing correctly now can help you rebuild and adapt to changing incomes or unexpected long-term costs.

Investing with our Seattle CPA Firm to Lower your Risk

Since 1991, Curtis Erickson has helped individuals achieve financial solvency through secure investment strategies. For more information on our investment services, contact our Seattle CPA to schedule your consultation.

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