Meeting Seattle's Diverse Tax Needs with Our Comprehensive Tax Services

Not all tax needs are alike. At Erickson Wealth & Tax Management, we believe that clients should have options to solve not only their current tax problems, but to keep financially prepared to prevent future issues. With this mission in mind, our highly experienced Seattle CPA team develops tax strategies for individuals and small businesses that eliminate complexities and problems through strategic solutions.

Small Business Tax Services in Seattle

Our services come with comprehensive financial advice throughout your time with our firm, as well as assistance when for IRS audits and correspondence. Our clients know what they’re getting with Erickson Wealth & Tax Management.

Our small business tax services include:

- Maximizing appropriate tax deductions
- Filing necessary extensions
- Estimating quarterly tax liabilities and scheduling on-time payments
- Guidance through entity selection
- Understanding tax compliance for purchases vs. rentals

We understand that small business clients require long term financial planning to become successful. Throughout the year, we help small business owners identify the best business strategies, including employee retirement account selection as well as asset and liability identification. Working with a number of attorneys, the financial and tax advisors at Erickson Wealth & Tax Management help owners create an organized tax accounting system to take their business to the next level. When your taxes are on the forefront of all financial decisions, you can help to minimize complications of future tax periods.

Individual Tax Planning and Coaching with Erickson Wealth & Tax Management

We believe proactive tax planning and coaching is the key to successfully reducing your tax liability or to increase your return. Our Seattle CPAs offer individual clients numerous resources when planning their financial future. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax-saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income and prepare for life changing events such as marriage, birth of a child or divorce. Erickson Wealth & Tax Management also offers financial coaching to help you plan appropriately in the event of moving to a new state and job changes, or to understand your employee stock incentive plans. We help you use your assets to their full advantage and prepare for whatever life throws at you.

Seattle CPA Firm since 1991

Our mission is to provide clients with the services they need to solve tax problems  and proactively plan for their financial future. Through our extensive tax services, we will help you or your business find the appropriate tax solutions for your unique needs. Contact our Seattle CPA firm today.

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